Frequently Asked Questions

In the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section we answer most of the questions asked by other company owners. The questions are update regularly. If you encounter an other question not listed please use our contact form.

On our home page you find a link to add your business. On the page where you add the business you can move the location marker on the map to the location of your company. All you need to is add your company name.
You must have been registered and logged into your account first, check in My-SpoturDeal - Preferences if you are listed as a business owner. On the home page you'll find all companies in your area (up to 8 km / 5 miles). Click the tile with your company details. If your company is available to manage please click the green button 'This is my company' Follow the steps to connect the company to your account.
In the free package your company and your location will be on the map and list. Visitors can click your location marker and see your company name. There will be no deals or promotions visible.
For the package package the is a one-time-only fee. In the basic package all your company details will be visible, your address, your contact numbers, business hours and a link to your website.
You can also upload your company logo. There will be no deals or promotions visible.
This Package is our best deal there are no hidden costs.

The Premium package has a price of €36.03 for the fist year.
Extra years will be €24.04 per year. You are able to have maximum 2 deals or promotions per calendar month with a total of 24 per year through SpoturDeal. Each deal or promotion lasts for 7 days.
At the moment there are 2 types of deals possible.
  • Basic deal - like a 7 day advertisement.
  • Special deal - Only on certain hours a day.
For each deal you can select the maximum number of deals/coupons you give out. The maximum validity is always 7 days.
You do not have a subscription with us. You can extend for an extra year to a reduced price of only € 24.04 This will give you again 2 deals/promotions a month for the next year. That is only €1.00 per deal/promotion.
Outside the Premium package you can add extra deals/promotions for €7.66 each. These promotions are also valid for 7 days. Several deals/promotions could run during the same time.
There could be several reason that you can't find your company on the map.
- You are more then 8km away from your company, you can check after login if your position detail have been changed.
- You are not on the list yet.
- In your browser the share location must be set for location access.
- On your smartphone you must allow access for location.
You can upgrade for an year to a reduced price of only € 24.04 This will give you 2 deals/promotions a month for the next year. This means an automatic extension to one year.
If you don't extend your Premium Package you will automatic switch to the basic package. Your details will remain in our lists.
The Premium business with active deals and promotions are always first in our lists. The other businesses are ordered by distance. The closer the higher.
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